Quick Mushy Gushy Hubby Thoughts


I wrote this note in a stream of consciousness mode this past Wednesday. Decided to share it today.

I’m sitting in the Atlanta airport while my husband has been waiting in a terribly long line for our rental car. Upon his suggestion to sit down, I did, and it reminded me once again how blessed I am to have him. It was a little thing for him to suggest that I sit down while he continued standing. But the little things are what consistently make the biggest impact with me.┬áThe bin of cough drops, Vapo rub (haha), crackers, etc after he witnessed one of my first allergy episodes several years back, Anne of Green Gables on DVD because I nonchalantly told him about how I wore the videos out as a kid, my favorite M&M doozies from Rouse’s because he wants me to get fat just wants to make me happy, a kiss on the forehead just because, the sweetest random texts telling me why he loves me, and this cute bin of goodies from Target because I went home to Bossier by myself for a few days last week. Not only do the gifts/gestures mean a lot simply for what they are, but he has also taken time to listen to what I love, truly thinks about it, and gets it right. I’m so thankful God listened to my probably not near frequent enough prayers for my future husband. I’m the luckiest (favored) gal!