Sunday Morning Success

IMG_9549IMG_9517I tend to get lengthy in my explanations, so in a few words: I still am unsure of the whole fashion/style blog thing — I tend to care what others think about me too much…thus, I’ve worried a little about what people will think of me posting pictures of myself, — but I’m going to give it a try because I like to look at other fashion blogs and style posts for inspiration. I’m also hoping that I’ll be driven to be a bit more creative in what I choose to wear day to day.

So…with my disclaimer aside, I bring you my first “My Style” post.IMG_9553IMG_9511
This morning was one of those Sunday mornings where an outfit I had in mind to wear (because I’d worn it before) just didn’t work. One – because the top needed ironed. Two – because I couldn’t find my shoes. Three – because once I found the shoes (after enlisting my husband’s help and searching the whole house for a good 10 minutes), they didn’t look right (I’m trying not to think about what I looked like the previous time I wore it). So, right before we had to leave, I tried to pull it all together with the original skirt, but a different top and shoes. I liked the outcome. Sunday morning win!

Top (purchased a year ago) — Forever 21
Skirt (recent purchase in-store) — Forever 21
Shoes (purchased a couple of year ago) — Target

PS – Photography skills/photographs are a work in progress in Casa Langford. I’m not the best model, and hubby isn’t real into helping me pose. 😉