Living: Fall Related

Happy Saturday! My husband and dog are napping (I’m guilty too…just woke up 🙂 ), so I’m taking a few minutes to share some of my favorite little things from the past few weeks — all Fall related.

China cabinet - Fall

I finally got around to bringing some of my limited Fall decor inside (from the attic). I love Fall, and when I have a house more conducive to additional decorations, I will probably purchase more. For now, I just like to stick Fall stuff in places that don’t require me moving what’s already there…like placing that small pumpkin on my stack of china plates, hanging the Halloween sign on the cabinet door, and putting the Fall sign (that I hope to wrap with yarn at some point) on the hutch.

Owl pillow in desk chair

I love the vibrant Fall colors in this vintage pillow that a friend so graciously gifted me a few years back. The pillow actually stays out year round, but I moved it to this cozy little spot so it stands alone for the Fall season.

Desk corner

I recently decided to put a desk in the living room. It’s in the front corner of our house so you can look out the front window…something I enjoy. I still have some stuff I want to do in this area, but for the time being I put a bare lamp shade on a lamp I love and added a picture frame (with a pic to remind me of cooler weather) and a fox candle.

Fall Chalkboard

A year ago I wrote “Happy Fall” on this chalkboard. That was the only thing I ever wrote on it until I changed it this week. Don’t worry, the chalkboard hasn’t been displayed since last year (at least mostly not), so no one has been confused sitting in my house in 100 degree weather wondering what kind of autumn they’re living in. And now, I really think I’ve inspired myself to change it more often. I’m proud to say I did this free hand with regular chalk and didn’t completely copy it from somewhere (I used this art as inspiration).

Luggage Tags

The colors of these luggage tags looked like Fall when I laid them out on the table after purchasing them. So, I snapped a pic. I was excited to find these for $1.00 each at Walmart (the last time I went in there was when I bought the fox mug I shared here). All the other luggage tags I want are always usually 5 or 6 bucks. So, I felt like this was a deal!

Coffee Corner

This is my little coffee station. It has undergone numerous changes…even a few since I took this picture earlier this week. It’s one of those spots that I can’t seem to figure out how I want everything. Especially what goes on the wall (at one point last year, the “Happy Fall” chalkboard hung here). I guess I’ll just keep trying. At least the coffee is good.


I don’t ever remember loving apples. But after I ate one a few weeks ago at my grandparents’, I’ve been really enjoying them. Now, I want to go apple picking!