DIY: Simple Branch Ball Garland

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 1.06.17 PM

Several weeks ago I shared some inspiration for pretty and unique garlands (here). I planned on creating at least one, but that still hasn’t happened. Instead, I got distracted and randomly made one of my own. In my endless cleaning out mode, I came across a package of vase filler that I never used. It had multiple things in it; among them, some branch/rattan/twig balls. I also found a few that I had bought separately years ago and never used. So, I decided to finally put them to use.

Not Painted Branch Balls

The branch balls were several different colors that weren’t working well together for me. So, I chose to spray paint them. I have quite a stash of spray paint on hand, so I just chose some of the colors that I had.

Spray Paint

Painted Branch Balls

Once I got all of the rattan balls painted (it might’ve taken me over a week to finally finish them), I brought them inside and laid them out in the order I wanted them strung. Then I got some twine and and pulled it through each ball to make a garland.

Black & White Twine

Branch Ball Garland on Gold Clip Headboard

If you don’t have random branch balls stored somewhere like I did, here are a couple of options – small* and large*. Or these sparkly ones* would be beautiful not painted…super easy!

What I’d do different if I did it again:

  • I wouldn’t use twine. It unraveled too easily and kept getting snagged trying to slide the twig balls through it. I might would try jute, ribbon, or suede. I might even redo mine with an alternate string.
  • I would tie a simple knot on each branch ball so that it wouldn’t slide. At first, I thought it would be nice to be able to move them, but because they moved it caused a big tangled mess every time I tried to move the garland.

Branch Ball Garland on White Shelf in Living Room


*This denotes an affiliate link. Hope you enjoy this item or find one you like even better!


DIY: Canvas Print Quote Art


Most people have most likely seen varying types of this sort of project somewhere. I’ve seen multiple versions myself, and a couple of months back I thought that I would do my own for my guest bathroom. I had a perfect small canvas print that I wasn’t using anymore, so I put it in my “various objects that I think I might use for a project someday” bin (this might or might not be the first thing I’ve pulled out of there). I saw the “quote” I chose a while back and happened to recall it, thinking it would be perfect for this little undertaking.

Since I didn’t look up a specific tutorial, I thought I would share my process.


  • Piece of art (canvas, wood, paper, etc.)
  • Letter stickers
  • Paint (spray or acrylic)
  • Ruler or straight edge
  • Pencil


First, I measured the canvas and identified even areas in which to place my stickers. I decided on my margins (.5 inch all the way around), then divided the remaining measurement by four since that’s how many lines I needed for my quote. I marked my lines (using a ruler for a straight line) on the canvas with a pencil and didn’t have to worry about erasing the lines since I would be painting over the markings later. I ended up with four boxes.


Second, I adhered the stickers to the canvas. I decided not to be as tedious with spacing and such here, so I just eyeballed (weird verb) the center of each box and placed my stickers accordingly. It was somewhat helpful to start in the middle of each word and move out, but I still had to reposition some letters because not all of my stickers were the same width. Speaking of repositioning stickers, the stickers I used were thick and not very sticky, so they came off pretty easy. This was nice in relation to the ease of changing their placement, but not nice when they started coming off. So, I turned it upside down and set a couple of heavy boxes on it overnight.



Third, I spray painted the canvas. I had a little bit of both white and ivory spray paint left over from a previous project, so I used both. My stickers still did not stick on the very edges in some places, so I tried my best to spray more directly over the canvas versus at more of an angle (but I also determined I would be okay if the letters did not have perfectly crisp lines…glad I did). I intentionally didn’t spray the edges, so they just got some light overspray. After I attained the paint coverage I wanted on the project, I let it dry then brought it in for the reveal.


DIY: Serving Piece | Bathroom Caddy | Craft Storage


This is a project I did 2 years ago. I only took one picture, then put it on Pinterest. It has recently been pinned several times, so I thought I would connect it to my blog with a little more detail.

The supplies needed are quite simple: 3 plates, 2 candlesticks, and some super glue (hot glue might work too, but I wanted to be sure mine was sticking and staying together). I bought my plates and candlesticks at the Dollar Tree and had the superglue, so I spent a total of $5.00 plus tax for this pretty little thing. If I ever make another, I’ll probably search for some pretty floral plates at a garage sale or the flea market. And I think some gold candlesticks would work with those quite well. Anyway, all you do to make this is find the center of each plate (I just judged…don’t judge me :)) and attach the candlesticks accordingly. Obviously, you’ll want to wait a little bit in between “attachments.” That’s the hardest part…it’s so exciting to see it come together so prettily!

Note: I had a little problem with the superglue “foaming” around the edge of the candlesticks. It was probably the glue I used. But I was able to get it all off with some patience and a knife.

I originally put this on Pinterest as a food serving piece, but it could also be used in the bathroom on your sink top to display perfume, q-tips and cotton balls in cute little jars, and whatever else you need handy or in your craft room as place to store acrylic paints or anything else.

DIY: Succulent Gift


My brother’s girlfriend, who I also consider a dear friend and part of my family, had a birthday not too long ago. I knew I wanted to give her succulents because I remembered her talking about wanting some fairly recently. I considered trying to order some somehow and have them sent to her (since they live 3 hours from me). But it worked out that I was going to be able to see her for a birthday dinner celebration for her and my husband. So, I decided to put together a little something myself.

I thought about planting several plants in one pot. And I was actually tempted to buy one of those pre-made arrangements in the garden sections of Lowe’s and WalMart, however they looked like they needed some extra attention. But I nixed both of those notions when I found the perfect basket and pots to go inside. I located the storage basket in the bathroom organization section at WalMart, and I found the white pots in the garden center at WalMart as well. I was amazed at how perfectly snug the pots rested in the basket. I picked out a couple of succulents at WalMart, but they didn’t have a big enough selection so I ran by my local Home Improvement Center (Stine) to grab one more as well as a bag of fast draining soil. I got home and planted each succulent in its own pot, set the pots inside the basket, then enjoyed a couple hour car ride with my husband to meet my family. The basket was a great way to transport the potted plants and it was useful gift “packaging.” My recipient loved her gift, and I loved giving it to her.


The great thing about this gift is that you can choose what you want to spend on supplies. Small clay pots can usually be found for about $1.50 or less — I love the neutrality of clay and thought I would buy them for my gift, but I couldn’t pass up these pretty white ceramic pots…and they were only $3.00 each — or you could purchase a beautiful decorative pot in which to group succulents for anywhere from $5 to probably $200 or more. You could also use a small tray from the dollar store to display a pot collection or a nice basket from Pottery Barn. Options are seemingly endless, and I love that no matter what you choose, you still have that special homemade feel if you do the planting and arranging yourself!