My Favorite Quotes from Catalyst 2014

Catalyst Atlanta blew my mind last week. I think I left feeling more challenged than I ever have. And I think that was in part due to the fact that the challenge to be a CHANGE MAKER was real. It was presented in such a way that I felt like I could leave and actually take on the challenge. Start where I’m at.

Here are just a few little snippets (some of my personal favorites) of just some of the amazing stuff we heard. (I didn’t put anything in quotations because I’m not sure if they are exact quotes or not.)


+ Until we change ourselves, we will never change our world. | Christine Caine

+ You won’t be able to change the world, the church, anything if you don’t change yourself. | Tim Keller

+ Limited resources are not an excuse. They are a pathway to our creativity. | Craig Groeschel

+ As long as we are looking for loophole s in our faith we lose all credibility to speak to culture. | Andy Stanley

+ The church must stop expecting outsiders to act like insiders when insiders are acting like outsiders. | Andy Stanley

+ Comparison will consistently cloud the clarity of God’s call on your life. | Robert Madu

+ God has given you everything you need to reach every person He wants you to reach. | Craig Groeschel

+ Some things aren’t safe for God to give you until you’ve prayed about them and the things surrounding them. | Tim Keller

+ The pathway to your greatest potential is often through your greatest fear. | Craig Groeschel

+ Stop complaining to the Master about the pieces you didn’t get, and praise God for making you a masterpiece. | Robert Madu

+ God sometimes guides by what He withholds; if we have what we want, we may not see what He wants us to see. | Craig Groeschel

+ We must refute the lies of the enemy with the truth of God’s Word. | Christine Caine

+ Don’t blame yourself for the declines because then you will be tempted to credit yourself with the increase. | Craig Groeschel

+ If you’re going to reach people nobody’s reaching, you’ve got to do things nobody’s doing. | Craig Groeschel

+ We are wired for love; we learn fear. | Dr. Caroline Leaf

+ The degree to which we are free and healed is the degree to which we will lead people into freedom and wholeness. | Christine Caine

+ When we choose life and build life into our brains, this impacts how we function in our spirit, soul, and body. | Dr. Caroline Leaf

+ The screens of social media have become mirrors by which we measure ourselves to others. “Mirror, mirror on Facebook, tell me how I should look.” “Mirror, mirror on Instagram, tell me who I really am.” | Robert Madu

+ The challenge is to run YOUR race, stay in YOUR lane, and keep your eyes fixed on JESUS. | Robert Madu

+ The reason the church isn’t reaching the world today is because it’s too busy keeping Christians on life support. | Christine Caine

+ We need to do more than lean in and survive; we need to thrive and proclaim Jesus alive! | Christine Caine


Some of these quotes are from my notes. Some are a product of searching the hashtag #catalyst14 on Twitter since I knew I didn’t remember half of the spoken gems we received.