DIY: Simple Branch Ball Garland

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 1.06.17 PM

Several weeks ago I shared some inspiration for pretty and unique garlands (here). I planned on creating at least one, but that still hasn’t happened. Instead, I got distracted and randomly made one of my own. In my endless cleaning out mode, I came across a package of vase filler that I never used. It had multiple things in it; among them, some branch/rattan/twig balls. I also found a few that I had bought separately years ago and never used. So, I decided to finally put them to use.

Not Painted Branch Balls

The branch balls were several different colors that weren’t working well together for me. So, I chose to spray paint them. I have quite a stash of spray paint on hand, so I just chose some of the colors that I had.

Spray Paint

Painted Branch Balls

Once I got all of the rattan balls painted (it might’ve taken me over a week to finally finish them), I brought them inside and laid them out in the order I wanted them strung. Then I got some twine and and pulled it through each ball to make a garland.

Black & White Twine

Branch Ball Garland on Gold Clip Headboard

If you don’t have random branch balls stored somewhere like I did, here are a couple of options – small* and large*. Or these sparkly ones* would be beautiful not painted…super easy!

What I’d do different if I did it again:

  • I wouldn’t use twine. It unraveled too easily and kept getting snagged trying to slide the twig balls through it. I might would try jute, ribbon, or suede. I might even redo mine with an alternate string.
  • I would tie a simple knot on each branch ball so that it wouldn’t slide. At first, I thought it would be nice to be able to move them, but because they moved it caused a big tangled mess every time I tried to move the garland.

Branch Ball Garland on White Shelf in Living Room


*This denotes an affiliate link. Hope you enjoy this item or find one you like even better!