My name is Kalena (kuh-lee-nuh). I was born and raised in North Louisiana, and I currently live in South Louisiana with my hubby and puppy. Cajun country is fun.

My life is hodgepodge. I love all sorts of things. Lots of different styles in clothing and decor. I love the beach and the mountains. I love staying home, but I LOVE to travel. I’m always working on at least 5 different projects. And lots of times, my mind changes about something I’m working on so I never finish it.

I used to want to be different. I used to want to stick to certain things. Partly to make life easier. Partly to more easily define myself. And while I have de-cluttered my life and mind some (and am still working on it because it has definitely been necessary in many areas), I’m also learning to accept who I am. I love lots of things. I change my mind. I’m constantly trying to find an identity for my Etsy shop because I like to try so many things (one day I will whittle the numerous ideas to less numerous ideas and hopefully find a nice, but still eclectic, collection that works together). This is me. So welcome to this reflection of my world. Hope you can keep up!


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