Some Inspiration: Collections

My Collections Pinterest board is growing. I’ve been enjoying perusing through numerous pictures and selecting the ones I like so I can refer to them later. I love seeing things grouped together. Especially unexpected things. And especially vintage things. When displayed thoughtfully, an item can speak volumes by itself. But, there’s something so intriguing about similar items showcased together. Whether two or twenty, a collection speaks intent, admiration, and surprise (in my opinion). Here are a few collections that I just love.

Collection of Ceramic Animals

I think this collection of ceramic animals as found on Things Organized Neatly is just adorable. Most of the pieces appear to be small planters to me. A group like this would look great displayed in one of those large compartment shelves (or an old drink crate if your collection is small) in a child’s room. If they are planters (or even if most of them are), they would also look awesome in a kitchen…I’m thinking in a cluttered vintage-inspired kitchen or as a statement in an otherwise pretty simple and maybe even more modern kitchen. I like the idea of displaying them on a single shelf with succulents and/or herbs planted in them.


Who would’ve thought bundt pans could make such an impact? I love this collection that Abbey Hendrickson (hownowdesign on Flickr) has put together. It looks like maybe some have been spray painted. I think that would be a fun way to get a cohesive look and the colors you want to match your kitchen. I also think it would be really neat to find old bundt pans and leave them in the state they are found so that the age and stories (whatever they may be) shine through.

Collection of Vintage Photos

Lisa Congdon’s (Bird in the Hand on Flickr) vintage photo collection is so cool. I really like how they are simply displayed with thumb tacks and no frames. The possibilities for a vintage photo collection are many. You could collect old portraits, themed photographs (perhaps of churches, homes, landscapes, etc.), family pictures (if you’re so lucky as to attain these), or all of these. You could display them in a certain shape or maybe within open frames (sort of like the collection of cameras below).

Collection of Cameras

Collecting old cameras isn’t a new idea (at least not among the group of people I know). But I love this fresh take on how to display them. Cameras in a frame rather than pictures in a frame is quirky and captivating. I have one old camera, but I might consider finding a few more so I can do this (although just one would probably look good displayed by itself)!

Collection of Chairs

A collection of chairs (photo by madebyjames on! I have absolutely no room in my house to even begin to collect chairs much less display them, but I just love the idea. If you had enough space, I think a functional display would be pretty cool…one where you could easily grab more chairs for additional company (of course, the chairs would need seats unlike the ones pictured here). The collection pictured here appears to have paint names on tags beautifully attached to their corresponding painted chairs. This would be a neat idea for a small business that carries specialty paints so that customers could easily see how the paint looks on an item. Attaching a “before” photo of the chair might add a little charm as well. I think it would also be neat to do this in a large home where all your leftover paint colors are used and brought together in a functional display like I just mentioned.

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