Bohemian Safari Skirt Outfit


It’s Friday (night)! And it’s a holiday weekend! Hope y’all have fun and relaxing plans. I’m spending the weekend with a bunch of family in the country. It’s one of my favorite things to do!

I’m trying another style post, but with different composition. So here it is.

I wore this this past Sunday. At first, I wasn’t too sure about the hat. But my husband convinced me it looked good, and I liked the small pop of color it provided. I fishtail braided my hair on the side, which pulled everything together quite nicely. If I had to describe this outfit, I would say it was Bohemian Safari. 🙂 All of these clothing items are a year old or older: the hat and shoes are from Target, the top is from TJMaxx, the skirt is from Ross, and the belt is from Forever 21. But each piece is still so versatile, I can’t seem to get rid of any one of them!

5 thoughts on “Bohemian Safari Skirt Outfit

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