Some Inspiration: DIY Garlands

I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of garlands. I say “idea” because I’ve never actually made or personally used one. But that’s going to change! I’ve been pinterest-ing garlands and buntings, and here are a few of my favorites that I plan on using as inspiration.


I LOVE that this garland incorporates real seasonal items with seasonal pictures (aka memories). I think it would be really cool to have this in some sort of permanent place and change out the items each season. I might would use branches for winter and dried seasonal flowers for spring and summer. Of course, it would also be cute to have handmade representations of each season. Perhaps felt leaves for fall, paper snowflakes (in plain white or pretty scrapbook paper) for winter, stuffed fabric raindrops for spring, and some sort of handmade popsicles for summer. It looks like all of the items on the garland were attached to the piece of string or yarn with those really cute itsy bits clothespins. Love that.


I saw this awesome garland several months ago. I am determined to try it at some point…if I can get past the fact that I have to use a whole skein of yarn for each pom pom (anyone else a cheapo?). Maybe I’ll hit the yarn jackpot at a garage sale or flea market soon.


The possibilities seem almost endless with this cute cloud garland. You could make clouds…or raindrops or lightning or bunnies or sharks or palm trees or lemons. And you could use scrapbook paper…or card stock or fabric or felt. Most of the blog post for this cute cloud garland is in a language I can’t read, but it appears to me that the creator might have just made 2 cutouts for each cloud and attached them with the string in the middle. If that’s not how it was done, then perhaps it could be?? Seems pretty easy to me. You would just have to remember to your clouds (or any other shape you use) match up with the good side of your paper or fabric or whatever you go with facing out if it isn’t two-sided. It also kind of looks to me like the little stars between the clouds might be stickers. Again, if not, maybe that’s an easier alternative.


I’m in love with this garland. It’s cute, colorful, and perfect. Now, if I can just get my sewing machine out (it’s been in a box for over 2 years…terrible) and learn to use it. This is my inspiration.

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