DIY: Serving Piece | Bathroom Caddy | Craft Storage


This is a project I did 2 years ago. I only took one picture, then put it on Pinterest. It has recently been pinned several times, so I thought I would connect it to my blog with a little more detail.

The supplies needed are quite simple: 3 plates, 2 candlesticks, and some super glue (hot glue might work too, but I wanted to be sure mine was sticking and staying together). I bought my plates and candlesticks at the Dollar Tree and had the superglue, so I spent a total of $5.00 plus tax for this pretty little thing. If I ever make another, I’ll probably search for some pretty floral plates at a garage sale or the flea market. And I think some gold candlesticks would work with those quite well. Anyway, all you do to make this is find the center of each plate (I just judged…don’t judge me :)) and attach the candlesticks accordingly. Obviously, you’ll want to wait a little bit in between “attachments.” That’s the hardest part…it’s so exciting to see it come together so prettily!

Note: I had a little problem with the superglue “foaming” around the edge of the candlesticks. It was probably the glue I used. But I was able to get it all off with some patience and a knife.

I originally put this on Pinterest as a food serving piece, but it could also be used in the bathroom on your sink top to display perfume, q-tips and cotton balls in cute little jars, and whatever else you need handy or in your craft room as place to store acrylic paints or anything else.

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