DIY: Succulent Gift


My brother’s girlfriend, who I also consider a dear friend and part of my family, had a birthday not too long ago. I knew I wanted to give her succulents because I remembered her talking about wanting some fairly recently. I considered trying to order some somehow and have them sent to her (since they live 3 hours from me). But it worked out that I was going to be able to see her for a birthday dinner celebration for her and my husband. So, I decided to put together a little something myself.

I thought about planting several plants in one pot. And I was actually tempted to buy one of those pre-made arrangements in the garden sections of Lowe’s and WalMart, however they looked like they needed some extra attention. But I nixed both of those notions when I found the perfect basket and pots to go inside. I located the storage basket in the bathroom organization section at WalMart, and I found the white pots in the garden center at WalMart as well. I was amazed at how perfectly snug the pots rested in the basket. I picked out a couple of succulents at WalMart, but they didn’t have a big enough selection so I ran by my local Home Improvement Center (Stine) to grab one more as well as a bag of fast draining soil. I got home and planted each succulent in its own pot, set the pots inside the basket, then enjoyed a couple hour car ride with my husband to meet my family. The basket was a great way to transport the potted plants and it was useful gift “packaging.” My recipient loved her gift, and I loved giving it to her.


The great thing about this gift is that you can choose what you want to spend on supplies. Small clay pots can usually be found for about $1.50 or less — I love the neutrality of clay and thought I would buy them for my gift, but I couldn’t pass up these pretty white ceramic pots…and they were only $3.00 each — or you could purchase a beautiful decorative pot in which to group succulents for anywhere from $5 to probably $200 or more. You could also use a small tray from the dollar store to display a pot collection or a nice basket from Pottery Barn. Options are seemingly endless, and I love that no matter what you choose, you still have that special homemade feel if you do the planting and arranging yourself!



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