My “Peaches and Mint Vintage-ish” Wedding Photos!

At this time last year, I was head deep in planning my June 1st wedding. I had decided I wanted coral (really, peach) and mint colors with vintage touches. I didn’t want vintage and homemade everything, though. With that settled, my stepmother and wedding coordinator (never thought I’d have one, but she was absolutely necessary and so much fun to work with) helped me create my own perfect wedding.

I’ve been wanting to share some of my wedding pictures and ideas for a while now. So, why not today? After all, it’s been almost 9 months since I got married, and it’s my birthday!


My beautiful dress


One of my favorite photos from my wedding…me and my grandma



Before we saw each other






My stepmom had a beautiful wedding charm bouquet brooch made in memory of my mom…one of the best gifts I’ve ever received


Program and guestbook table


Program and guestbook table (before the guestbook was out of its box…ha)


Candle table…our unity candle was in the lantern, and my grandmother lit a candle in memory of my mom that burned the whole ceremony


Some good looking ushers

I have so many more, but this seemed like enough for now. Since these were all before the wedding began, I’m thinking I might do another couple of posts of the ceremony and reception…because they were amazing! 🙂

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