Claim Joy


I’ve been organizing some stuff on my computer recently. Today, I worked on deleting and combining a bunch of notes. I came across this random thought I had in August 2012. It’s like I wrote it to speak to myself again today. Since it meant something to me again, I thought I would share. Maybe someone else will relate as well.

Psalms 9:2. This verse says I WILL have joy because of you (the Lord). Two things stuck out to me here. These are those thoughts:

1) The word “will” here is decisive. The Scripture doesn’t say “might have” or “should have” or “if I do this, then I’ll have.” It’s simple – I will have. Joy is ours.

2) It uses the future tense. Some might think this means joy is far off. But I think it’s because it’s a definite thing that God has for His people. But us humans have to accept it. We have to realize that joy IS ours and WILL always be ours. The future tense in the verse allows us to have that joy whenever we choose to accept it, then have it forevermore.

Because of God. Because of His unmatched goodness…we can have joy. So just do it. Claim it.

Claim joy.


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