My “Peaches and Mint Vintage-ish” Wedding Photos!

At this time last year, I was head deep in planning my June 1st wedding. I had decided I wanted coral (really, peach) and mint colors with vintage touches. I didn’t want vintage and homemade everything, though. With that settled, my stepmother and wedding coordinator (never thought I’d have one, but she was absolutely necessary and so much fun to work with) helped me create my own perfect wedding.

I’ve been wanting to share some of my wedding pictures and ideas for a while now. So, why not today? After all, it’s been almost 9 months since I got married, and it’s my birthday!


My beautiful dress


One of my favorite photos from my wedding…me and my grandma



Before we saw each other






My stepmom had a beautiful wedding charm bouquet brooch made in memory of my mom…one of the best gifts I’ve ever received


Program and guestbook table


Program and guestbook table (before the guestbook was out of its box…ha)


Candle table…our unity candle was in the lantern, and my grandmother lit a candle in memory of my mom that burned the whole ceremony


Some good looking ushers

I have so many more, but this seemed like enough for now. Since these were all before the wedding began, I’m thinking I might do another couple of posts of the ceremony and reception…because they were amazing! 🙂


Claim Joy


I’ve been organizing some stuff on my computer recently. Today, I worked on deleting and combining a bunch of notes. I came across this random thought I had in August 2012. It’s like I wrote it to speak to myself again today. Since it meant something to me again, I thought I would share. Maybe someone else will relate as well.

Psalms 9:2. This verse says I WILL have joy because of you (the Lord). Two things stuck out to me here. These are those thoughts:

1) The word “will” here is decisive. The Scripture doesn’t say “might have” or “should have” or “if I do this, then I’ll have.” It’s simple – I will have. Joy is ours.

2) It uses the future tense. Some might think this means joy is far off. But I think it’s because it’s a definite thing that God has for His people. But us humans have to accept it. We have to realize that joy IS ours and WILL always be ours. The future tense in the verse allows us to have that joy whenever we choose to accept it, then have it forevermore.

Because of God. Because of His unmatched goodness…we can have joy. So just do it. Claim it.

Claim joy.

Some Inspiration: Spring Dreaming

Wants - Dreaming in Spring Colors with Numbers

I’ve always said that I love winter. But I guess that’s because I’ve always been used to very inconsistent winter weather. Previously, a typical Louisiana winter consisted of one day at 75° F, the next day at 30° F, 2 days later at 50° F, and the cycle would continue. I complained about that before, but now I’ve been complaining about something else. Because this year has been different. It’s been cold A LOT. The kind of cold that feels even colder because of 95% humidity. Brrrr. I’m ready for warmer weather! I’ve been dreaming of Spring and these pretty little things.

1. Love this shoe. Love these colors. ModCloth always pleases.
2. How cute is this little bunny cupcake stand from Pottery Barn? Perfect for Easter treats, and it could double as a jewelry holder or catch-all on your bedside table!
3. I love this plant stand! It could be used for so many things…little pots of succulents, candles, jars of craft supplies, table setups, etc. This whole line of Threshold products from Target is great!
4. A gorgeous gold lamp. All of Target’s lamps are wonderful. In fact, I’m pretty sure that 75% of the lamps in my house are from Target.
5. I’m in need of curtain tie-backs for my bedroom. I found them (I’ll probably be ordering the antique brass, though). Urban Outfitters has so many great options.
6. This Anthropologie dress is basic enough to be dressed up or down, but different enough to set yourself apart from the crowd.
7. I’ve been wanting an egg crate. I just really like them for some reason. I doubt I would use it for actual eggs, but I do think it would be real cute as an organizer of some sort. Anthro has the most color options I’ve found, but World Market has some similar ones in white and yellow for half the price.
8. I haven’t met a Mrs. Meyer*s scent that I don’t like, but I think Parsley might be my favorite. This hand soap is worth every bit of $4.
9. Another pretty thing from Pottery Barn. This lumbar pillow is the perfect Spring addition to a lovely living room or cozy *screen porch. I love how the words, “cottontail” and “rabbit,” are displayed on it.
10. Flowery Spring bobbies! This Etsy shop (kisforkani) has a bunch of awesome floral headpieces.
11. Backpacks are a weakness of mine. A mint, nomad-inspired one? I might have a hard time passing this up with my World Market birthday credit and coupon I’ll be using in the next few days!

*Matt and I are hopefully about to have a screen porch of our own. So, naturally, I was dreaming of pretty pillows and cute decorations to put out there. I can’t wait! If I’m diligent enough, I plan on capturing the process and, of course, the end results.