DIY: Old Wood Shelf

I wanted a really cool looking, worn wood shelf. In my experience, these can’t be found unless you want to dish out a lot of money. And even then, you can’t always find exactly what you want. So, of course, you should make it. And, of course, you ask your dad (or husband or uncle or gramps) for help.

I enlisted my Dad’s help to find me a cool piece of scrap wood in his pile at his house. He came through as always! Here’s how the board looked when he gave it to me.



I started out thinking out I was going to sand it real good, but I quickly figured out that it was in need of something a bit more heavy duty. Steel wool to the rescue! I took this cool picture so I feel inclined to share it.


After spending a while making all the rough edges smooth and shaping a few places like I wanted, I finished! And that was about 9 months ago. Seriously. I got married and moved. Then, I finally made myself make my husband 😉 put some brackets on my perfect little shelf so we could put it up in our guest bedroom.


Ta Da!


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