DIY: Felt Christmas Tree


This is a re-post (from a different personal blog I was using last year) of a kid friendly Christmas tree I made last year.

I was asked a couple of weeks ago last year to do a little Christmas decorating in two of the Sunday School classrooms at my church. Of course, I put off brainstorming and looking for ideas until the last minute. Add to my procrastination the fact that I am was (no more of that right now!) in the middle of finals right now, and I effectively created a situation in which I needed somewhat of an easy project. I found it! A Christmas tree made of felt. It was perfect to use for one of the classrooms because the decorations needed to be on the wall due to an increasing lack of space (lil’ kiddos everywhere!). In addition, this project doubles as a kid friendly tree that can be decorated and RE-decorated since felt easily sticks to felt. I found a lot of variations of felt Christmas trees on Pinterest, but all of them were kid-sized. This makes sense since they’re designed around the children moving the ornaments, but I needed something on a larger scale since it was supposed to cover a wall. So, I just got a little extra felt than the pins/blogs that l looked at used and went from there.

These were my supplies:

This was my process:

  • The big piece of green felt was already nicely folded in half so that it was a rectangle. Making sure the fold would end up in the middle of the opened triangle/tree, I just cut from the appropriate bottom corner to the opposite top corner. Since this was in a Sunday School classroom where staples had already been used to attach things to the wall, I also used a stapler to attach the felt Christmas tree to the wall. (Note: I read that some people used hot glue or double-sided tape to attach their trees)
  • I made the presents in various sized rectangles, attaching the ribbons with hot glue. Then, I attached them and their bows, which I free-handed, to the Christmas tree with a stapler as well.
  • With a Sharpie, I free-handed the star onto one of my yellow pieces of felt. Then, I cut it out and stapled it at the top of the tree.
  • I used the bowl I had to make two different sized ornaments by tracing on the felt with my Sharpie. I also wound up using the bottom of a Starbuck’s cup to make a few smaller ornaments. Once these were cut out, all that was needed was to stick them to the tree.
  • Note: Had I had more time, I probably would’ve got fancier with my gift package and ornament embellishments. Things like polka dots and stripes and more ornate shaped ornaments crossed my mind. I also thought about using colored pom poms to make a garland. But, hey, I was on a time schedule and it was for kids anyway…I like that they overlook perfection. 🙂 Speaking of that, I think this would potentially be a great project to include your children in (minus working with scissors for those who aren’t of age). I believe the imperfections that might contribute could turn out absolutely perfect!
  • Another note: I did not see how the tree held up after the Sunday School children encountered it today. I’m hoping all is well!
    UPDATE: I never did see the tree after I hung it, but I did hear that it held up well, even with 2 classes full of kids every Sunday!

Here’s a picture with me in it to show some proportion. At 2 yards, the tree itself is obviously 6 feet tall.



DIY: Old Wood Shelf

I wanted a really cool looking, worn wood shelf. In my experience, these can’t be found unless you want to dish out a lot of money. And even then, you can’t always find exactly what you want. So, of course, you should make it. And, of course, you ask your dad (or husband or uncle or gramps) for help.

I enlisted my Dad’s help to find me a cool piece of scrap wood in his pile at his house. He came through as always! Here’s how the board looked when he gave it to me.



I started out thinking out I was going to sand it real good, but I quickly figured out that it was in need of something a bit more heavy duty. Steel wool to the rescue! I took this cool picture so I feel inclined to share it.


After spending a while making all the rough edges smooth and shaping a few places like I wanted, I finished! And that was about 9 months ago. Seriously. I got married and moved. Then, I finally made myself make my husband 😉 put some brackets on my perfect little shelf so we could put it up in our guest bedroom.


Ta Da!


Create Good

I like to think of myself as creative. I also want to be more creative. So, I’m starting this blog about creating. But it’s not just about creating tangible things, such as DIY projects and handmade items (which are two things I LOVE and will hopefully share a lot of). It’s also about creating that which is beyond tangible. Fabricating unique moments, generating inspiration, building solid relationships, making new friends, developing and redeveloping plans/goals for myself and my family, establishing healthy boundaries, and the list goes on (Note: all of these verbs are synonyms of create!).

I’m dedicating my first blog here to creating a, more or less, permanent reference of things in my life that I want to create more or less of. All of these center around what is good and what is not. My thought process here began when I read the daily passage on the YouVersion Bible app a few weeks ago.

God’s readiness to give and forgive is now public. Salvation’s available for everyone! We’re being shown how to turn our backs on a godless, indulgent life, and how to take on a God-filled, God-honoring life. This new life is starting right now, and is whetting our appetites for the glorious day when our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, appears. He offered himself as a sacrifice to free us from a dark, rebellious life into this good, pure life, making us a people he can be proud of, energetic in goodness. {Titus 2:11-14, MSG} 

I immediately was inspired by these verses, but they have spoken to me over time. And in lots of different ways. However, in relation to this post, the last part really stuck out. Energetic in goodness. God wants us to be energetic in goodness. He wants us to create good things. Free ourselves from dark, rebellious (not good) things and live brightly…purely…good. So, here is a (very personal) list (I LOVE lists!) of how I want to create good (and diminish not good) in and around me.


  • Time
  • Happiness
  • Grace
  • Confidence
  • Peace
  • Fun
  • Love
  • Admiration
  • Respect
  • True Friends
  • Passion
  • Opportunity
  • Determination
  • Memories


  • Clutter
  • Busy-ness
  • Confusion
  • Jealousy
  • Anger
  • Bitterness
  • Defeat
  • Complacency

So, here’s to good energy. I’m going to create good.